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(CEHRT Certified)

TeamEHR is proud to offer UDIXpress, certified under the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology (HIT). UDIXpress is 2015 Edition compliant and certified by the ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

UDIXpress adds a key piece of technology needed to meet medical device and tissue scanning needs without disrupting current documentation workflow. This enterprise desktop application scans medical device (UDI) and tissue barcode Labels and performs a lookup of the GUDID (the FDA's Global Unique Device Identification Database), real-time during the surgical procedure.  Complete UDI-DI, UDI-PI and GUDID data populates forms in the target healthcare application and exceeds CEHRT and Promoting Interoperability (formerly MU3) Guidelines for Implantable Devices. Reports to ERP leadership shows exact usage of items including bill-only and consignment items.

Certification Number:

Certification Date:              May 21, 2019

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RecallGuard works with UDIXpress to warn of recalls and devices with adverse events, all at time of scan. Our recall database includes FDA and manufacturer inputs and can prevent implantation within minutes of a Recall. Imagine how valuable it would be to avoid implanting just one recalled device.

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Pick’N’Pack is a virtual assistant for case cart assembly that works with RecallGuard to manage item quantities, manage recalls, and identify missing items prior to case. Expired and recalled items are identified while building the case cart. These items can be removed and marked so they will be properly disposed.

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Tag’N’Track allows you to easily and reliably track case carts, equipment and any valuable assets onsite. Using magnetic Bluetooth tags, case cart and asset tracking is automated, real-time, and accurate.

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TissueVitals presents a simple interface for each user in the workflow and uses graphical elements to communicate implant status. Easily monitor tissue custody, temperature, location, and status from ordering to implantation.

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EHRVitals allows you to automatically batch update thousands of patient charts, quickly and efficiently. In doing so, it optimized workflows, reduces redundant work effort and significantly eliminates patient risk associated with manual updates to multiple systems.

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Post-Implant Recall Management (PIRM) is an organized workflow to fully address post-implant recalls. TeamEHR will identify all patients affected by a recall in your facility and import relevant patient contact data into an electronic workflow. Our program integrates with your EHR platform and addresses medical assessment and plan of resolution, patient outreach, sets deadlines, and sends alerts so that no patient drops through the cracks.

  • Patient outreach can be outsourced to TeamEHR mail and call center to streamline hospital workflows.

  • Works seamlessly with your EHR platform.

  • State-of-the-art queries of your EHR platform identify all affected patients for all lot numbers of recalled devices.

  • Sends alerts to informatics staff when action deadlines are missed.

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Post-Implant Recall Management

With years of experience setting up perioperative software systems, you will get the documentation you need while letting nurses focus on their patients.

  • Workflow and equipment management assessment

  • Initial system setup and customization

  • Billing, Scheduling, RIS/PACS implementation

  • Unit and integrated testing

  • Provider and staff training on systems and administrative tools

  • On-call support during and post-install

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Design & Support

Custom reports for insights you hadn't imagined were possible. Find staffing concurrency violations, root out chronic case delays and easily identify any patients who received recalled implants.

  • SQL, CCL, Excel Macros

  • Pivot table analysis

  • System interfaces, including billing and HL7

  • Custom applications

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Reports & Insights

Our client success model is to ensure you have everything you need to reduce patient risk and maximize staff efficiency. In addition to our technical support, we offer comprehensive training solutions to meet your needs. 

  • On-site Training Workshops

  • Online Courses

  • Learning on Demand

  • COMING SOON: Continuing Education Credits (CEC)

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Training & Staff Readiness